HPU in two sentences

In HPU, part of the haem is defective and must be eliminated. This removes important micronutrients from the body and can lead to chronic diseases.

Strukturformel von Häm

Haem is needed everywhere in the body

Enzymes are important construction workers in our bodies. They can make another out of one substance.

Eight different enzymes build the haem in the human body. This is a molecule without which we are not viable.

Haem is involved in many important processes in the body:

  • Haem transports oxygen in the blood to the organs.
  • Haem supplies the muscles with oxygen
  • with the help of heme our food is transformed into energy
  • with the help of heme the body produces hormones and other important substances

If you consider where haem is needed in the body, it quickly becomes clear: If there is not enough haem available to the body, this can have numerous negative consequences.

What does HPU have to do with haem?

With the metabolic disorder HPU (= haemopyrrollaktamuria), some of the 8 enzymes that produce haem do not work properly. The consequence of this: In addition to correctly produced haem, there is also haem that has some defects.

If our body was a car factory, it would be cars without a steering wheel or with a sliding roof on the floor instead of the ceiling. Since these cars are not exactly praiseworthy for the manufacturer, he wants to get rid of them quickly.

The same goes for the body. The wrongly assembled haem is toxic to the body. Therefore it makes some efforts to eliminate it as quickly as possible. An effective way is to attach vitamin B6 and zinc to the defective haem. Sometimes also a little manganese. All these substances make the defective haem water-soluble, so that it can be excreted via the kidneys and urine.

Permanent micronutrient deficiency

One might think: If the faulty haem is eliminated, everything is fine again. But the process has further consequences:

  • The body is constantly busy with detoxification and has little capacity to detoxify other substances.
  • The body is constantly lacking haem.
  • The body constantly lacks vitamin B6, zinc and manganese.

Symptoms of HPU

HPU can manifest in very different symptoms. HPU sufferers are often chronically ill.

Many HPU suffer from digestive problems (irritable bowel syndrome), thyroid problems (Hashimoto thyroiditis), muscle weakness, exhaustion, anxiety and low resilience.

The symptoms worsen considerably with stress.