Problem Stress

HPU patients are particularly sensitive to stress. The reason for this is the neurotoxic substance haemopryrrollactam (HPL, the misfolded haem), which is increasingly produced under stress. External stress factors additionally boost hemopyrrollactam production – a vicious circle begins.

In HPU patients, the detoxification system is constantly busy disposing of HPL, neurotransmitters and hormones, so that it has little capacity for further “jobs”. If heavy metals (e.g. from food or dental fillings) or toxins (e.g. from pathogens such as Borrelia bacteria or from pesticide-contaminated food) enter the body, the detoxification system is simply overloaded.

People with HPU are usually less physically and psychologically resilient than people with a well-functioning detoxification system.

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Problem energy balance

Hem is involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body. If the body does not have enough haem available due to HPU, energy is lacking. The HPU user feels this as a frequently recurring or even long-lasting exhaustion phase.

Those who are exhausted are not efficient and often fall short of their capabilities. This is often reflected in the lives of HPU users who, due to exhaustion, have given up things (usually when things became very stressful) that they could have easily completed with more strength.

A therapy with nutritional supplements and a good, individual energy management can help here.

Problem Fear and need for security

Due to vitamin B6 deficiency, HPU patients suffer from anxiety more often than other people. To counter this fear, HPU sufferers look for reassurance. This can be achieved, for example, by HPU patients being particularly conscientious and perfectionist in the performance of their tasks.

Perfectionism promotes the feeling of security that HPU patients so urgently need.

The HPUler’s need for security also manifests itself in relationships. Many affected persons look for particularly “strong” partners.

The start of therapy for anxiety and panic attacks should be particularly gentle. Read here how this works.