HPU in conventional medicine

Many HPU patients first go through a doctor’s odyssey

Many HPU patients undergo a doctor’s odyssey with unsatisfactory therapeutic success before being diagnosed. In self-help groups, they report on the feeling of “feeling not taken seriously”, of pushing the symptoms onto the psyche (“we cannot find anything physically, your problem must be psychological”) or of pure symptom treatment (painkillers for chronic head, joint, muscle or abdominal pain).

If, on the other hand, HPU is diagnosed, those affected usually feel significantly better after a few months. Why has HPU not yet found its way into conventional medicine? In order to explain this, a look into the past will help.

KPU (Cryptopyrroluria) known since the 1960s

KPU (Kryptopyrrolurie) is very similar to HPU. KPU also causes a deficiency of vitamin B6, zinc and manganese in the body. In contrast to HPU, KPU can also be caused by a toxin load.

In the 1960s KPU was discovered in the field of psychiatric research in the USA by doctors – not by alternative practitioners. In Europe, orthomolecular medicine still has no place in orthodox medicine.

Dr. Joachim Strienz, specialist for internal medicine in Stuttgart, was initially sceptical himself when patients drew his attention to the metabolic disorder. In his practice, he had treated numerous patients with hypothyroidism. But some did not feel any improvement of their symptoms despite a well adjusted thyroxine therapy.

How can it be that every 10th woman and every 100th man suffers from a metabolic disorder that is not mentioned in a single lecture during medical studies?

Scepticism discarded after good experience

After the doctor had successfully treated the first KPU patients, he dealt more intensively with the metabolic disorder. In his book “Living with KPU” he describes his explanation why the metabolic disorder cannot be found in any medical textbook as follows:

“Modern medicine has become a matter for industry. It sets the direction and decides what is important. But the most important principle of an industry is financial success. Another important point for marketing is patents.
Zinc, vitamin B6 and manganese are cheap. There is no patent on natural substances anywhere.”

Dr. Joachim Strienz, Foreword to the 6th edition of “Leben mit KPU”, Zuckschwerdt Verlag, 2017

The ignorance of orthodox medicine towards the metabolic disorder KPU/HPU, which is widespread especially among chronically ill patients, leads to parallel worlds: On the one hand, the universities, health insurance funds, pension providers, medical chambers and industry – and the alternative sectors on the other.

One of the goals of HPU and You is to promote dialogue between both sides – for the benefit of those affected.